The "Kozmic Brownies" are Kris Karr (acoustic) & Jeff Bluml (percussion). However, sometimes a rotating cast of others join the pair. No two shows are the same for that very reason. It is a mix of songs to sing along with, light comedy, and add lib that many times involves the audience.

The first official Kozmic Brownie show took place in Litton, Iowa. It was glorious. They made a Kozmic backdrop for us. Sadly we were not able to take it with us. We once took a last minute gig in the town of Winterset at an Irish Pub. The proprietor was straight across from us tending his bar when suddenly with out warning he looks at us from across the room after finishing a song, and yells very loudly in a deep baritone voice, "HEY!!!!!!" The audience and us froze. Then he said; "I just wanted to say that YOU guys are... ADEQUATE!" He gave us the thumbs up. The audience clapped, he smiled and we continued to have a fun filled and memorable evening. However the end to this story is that he himself also was a musician that played upright bass in a rock-a-billy band. We showed up 3 years later at one of their shows, pulled our chairs up to the front of the stage patiently waiting for their song to end. When that happened we stood up and yelled "HEY!!! YOU GUYS ARE....ADEQUATE!!!"