I hadn't planned on playing guitar or becoming an entertainer. In fact, had anyone told me that I would become either of those things I would have laughed at them. I had been a drummer since age 12. Started playing clubs at 14. But wanted to write songs. And there was only really one option to get me there. Learn how to play guitar. I did this very late in life. Many ears and years later I made the switch to guitar full time. But before doing any of this I was singing to the radio like most kids back then. I was captivated by harmonies and wanted to sing all the harmony parts that I could. Bands that had multiple singers and with harmonies had such a big sound. So I wanted to be a part of something like that. I have always strived to work with other performers who not only played well, but could harmonize vocally. I have been very fortunate to have found others like that. The Kris Karr Band is exactly that. A fine group of musicians that can nail those harmonies.

Becoming an entertainer did not happen overnight. By luck I was asked to host an acoustic jam some 15 years ago. I hosted that jam once a week for 4 years. It helped me not only get better at playing guitar, but at developing my solo acoustic show that you see now. 

I perform my originals and covers in my solo shows, with the Kozmic Brownies, and my friends in The Kris Karr Band.

"Important stuff" Shows are 2-3 hours straight through, we do not take breaks unless the customer requests it. We want to keep our audience as engaged as possible and having fun so that your venue will have us back. up on proper cow bell etiquette here.

Please find me/us on facebook where you can view some of our live performances on both my personal page and the Kris Karr Band page.